You thought we’d given up
gone quiet
taken up shopping
big time.

You thought we were too busy

making a living
looking after each other

You thought we accepted
might is now so mighty
best stay home.

You never understood
our yearning for peace
in our time. Our despair
at your unflinching certainty
you took for weakness.

‘I know best’, you said.
And took us with you into war
and moral oblivion.

But war is over as solution.
It’s just big business now.
An industry whose greedy footprint
cannot be compensated.

To be first and last was your
ambition, as you strode across
our inferior hearts and minds.
We are more modest
making peace the way.

You thought you could render us
compliant and competing
for ‘choice’ and for profit.
Humanity foresworn.

You thought we wouldn’t organise
gather together in our name
on the street.

We know we left it late
but now we stir.

We are the lull before the storm
the itch before the scratch
the trickle before the torrent.

The tide coming in
to wash your legacy


Val Walsh / 2007



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